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Custom Services

In addition to my standard line of scope bases, I offer a variety of custom services.


Custom Scope Bases

Thanks to my computer controlled milling machine, I'm able to produce custom bases with very little additional work. Minor variations in hole spacing, or custom MOA bases are a snap. Most custom bases can be produced for a small surcharge over my standard retail price.  Taller, exceptionally long, or additional machining steps will cost more.


Custom Engraving

All of my products are engraved with "MURPHY PRECISION", and typically other product identifiers. I offer custom engraving on any base for an additional $45. Engraving is limited to 3 lines, 10 characters per line. While I strive to complete all custom orders as soon as possible, custom engraving work may add 3-4 days to the order.


Custom Finishes

My standard finishes are natural bead blasted stainless steel and titanium, and a black, ceramic finish called Cerakote by NIC Industries.  Additional colors of Cerakote are available for $25 if in stock, otherwise $60 to order-in small bottles.