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Benefits of Titanium

Yes, Titanium is cool, but there really are many reasons you should consider scope bases made from this amazing alloy.

Physical Properties:

  • Approximately three times stronger than 6061 Aircraft aluminum.
  • 45% lighter than carbon steel, while being just as strong.
  • Incredibly corrosion resistant. Titanium is routinely used for seawater applications where stainless steels have failed.
  • Titanium has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, so point of impact shifts will not occur due to scope base growth under varying temperature conditions. (Severe problem with aluminum bases)

Practical Benefits:

My titanium scope bases weigh on average 50% of what my stainless steel scope bases weigh. If you are building a target or benchrest rifle where weight classes are an issue, one of my titanium bases can save you as much as 4 oz. That is 4 oz. of larger scope, or 4 oz. of heavier barrel or receiver than your competitors.