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About Murphy Precision

I started Murphy Precision a little over 15 years ago with one driving passion: Make the best scope mounts in the world. Like you, I was dismayed by the modern race to the bottom, of ever cheaper goods, made to ever lower standards. While this might work for giant companies, fighting over cents on the bottom line, it leaves those of us that value products that last, and are made with pride, with ever fewer options. I wanted to change that, one customer at a time.

I believe that you want products that are "the best", not just "good enough". I believe that you still care where things are made, and want to support American businesses. I believe that you want to be treated as a person to be served, rather than a number or a dollar sign. I believe that if I put your interests first, it will come back to me tenfold. I believe in you.

-Cameron Murphy